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Photo Gallery

Inside Blackerry Hill Quilts - Virtual Tour Inside Blackerry Hill Quilts - Virtual Tour Come on in Welcome to our farm and Blackberry Hill Quilts 25835418 The quilting table Here is where it all begins. After the top, batting and bottom are assembled, the quilting or tying process can begin. On any given day, something is always being worked on. 25835396 Entrance to downstairs showroom As you can see quilts are everywhere. You can find them stacked on antique trunks, hanging from ladders and displayed as art on various walls. 25835377 Through the entryway Here you will find the first large display room. 25835397 Quilt displays Wall quilts displayed on a rack 25835380 Quilt displays Wall quilts, shams and runners in the family antique cupboard. 25835379 Tables of quilts Tables stacked with place mats, runners and wall quilts. 25835398 Large table Examples of runners and wall quilts 25835412 Newest addition This is my huge "new" antique cupboard chock full of quilts. It took four men to get it off the trailer and move it in. What a find from the Madison Bouckville antique show! My wonderful husband made and installed new shelves for me. 25835381 More quilts In the foreground is our antique cradle, which I used for my two precious daughters. Now it is filled with lovely baby quilts. 25835399 Wall quilts and critters An example of a larger wall quilt and some quilt critters. So far I have chickens, cats, and bears. We also have real ones around here too. 25835382 Exit the show room As you proceed up the stairs on the left you will come to the quilt landing room. 25835378 Art quilts Throughout the landing and upstairs show room are many examples of wall quilts displayed as art. 25835403 Landing room Quilts are displayed on the upper railing and walls 25835400 Dr. Cesare's Quilt The quilt on the wall in blues was given to my breast cancer Dr. It is a sunshine and shadows pattern, representing the joys and sorrows of life, with heart quilting to represent the triumph of love over all. 25835401 Upstairs display room Here I keep twin quilts, wall quilts and Amish quilts. 25835404 Amish quilts Typical display of Amish quilts stacked on a bed and ready for perusing. 25835405 Many ways to show off your quilts Quilts can be displayed in your own home thrown over a rocker, antique trunk, or draped on a coat rack. 25835406 More displays Quilts on and under a bench 25835383 Little quilts on table tops Smaller quilts can be used as display pieces as seen on the antique wash stand. 25835408 More examples.... Displayed on another antique trunk 25835409 Seasonal grouping Seasonal wall quilt 25835410 Candle mats I have several small quilts that are charming when used as candle mats. 25835411 Seasonal quilts Happy not for sale...and no, I didn't pose her believe it or not. 25835432 Staff When I'm not mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or sewing, I'm cooking. We're famous for our Irish soda bread at Christmas time. This is me with my daughter Melissa (A registered nurse) who helps with hand quilting. She processes orders and helps with paperwork and also is a team member at the Cooperstown show. 25835436 Staff This is my daughter Dianna (an occupational therapy assistant) who helps install rod pockets finish binding, make tied quilts and is a part of the Cooperstown show team. 30168586 Lisa's Quilt Quilt for Lisa, Slocum Dickson Breast Care Center receptionist. She keeps the place running and holds everything together, like the embroidered stitches in this quilt. 30975156 30975158 Quilting table at Christmas Time for family, friends and visiting neighbors with our treats! 25835416 Shop watch dog Resident watch dog who hates the mail lady, the parcel post guy, but pretty much likes everyone else. Favorite spot in the winter time.....under the wood stove..... 25835417 30975159 Plow horse days If you are in the area during the spring you can see the annual plow horse days at our neighbor's farm. Don Hibbard sponsors this and makes the best smoked chicken in the world, which you can buy at the event. Check my calendar for updates. 25835419 Teams Several local teams working the fields. 25835438 Teams Another team getting ready to start. 25835420 First one out This fellow was the first one out and I think, the last one to go. The field is huge and he seems to be taking a nap. At least the horses know what to do..... 25835421 Nice job When they're all done, Don plants some of his corn acreage here. He is a dairy farmer also. 25835439