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Brocade Beauties Balsam Sachet


Exquisite, fragrant Victorian style Balsam sachets are now available. Each is individually hand made from brilliant brocade fabric, with antique lace and antique glass buttons. These are hand sewn, and only the finest all natural Balsam from Maine is used. I have sold these at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY and they are very well loved and extremely popular with the local folks, as well as tourists from all over the USA. I make each one of these myself just the way they used to in Victorian times. Lovely, unique and charming; they make excellent gifts or a special treat for yourself, and may be hung by the attached ribbon loop or nestled into clothing drawers. Please see the photos for the color choice. Most are unique. They measure 4" by 5" and are nicely stuffed.

What brocade color would you like?

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