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Star of Bethlehem with Satellites Wall Quilt


It's hard to decide which is more beautiful it this brilliantly colored wall quilt; the design pattern, or the exquisite quilting motifs. This pieced and hand quilted star of Bethlem wall quilt is simply stunning. It almost sparkles! Deep hunter green and burgundy fabrics contribute to the vibrancy. Meticulous quilting is done in a triple chain, and double floral design in the inner portion or the quilt, and a closed sweeping chain in the outer sashing.

Quilting stitches are eight per inch. The sattelite stars in each outer corner are the classic elements that render this work or art a true star of Bethlehem design. This would make an exceptional Christmas decorative due to it's theme and colors. None the less, it is so classic and lovely it would certainly have a constant appeal for any home. It has an attached rod pocket for hanging.

Size is 39" by 51"

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