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Team 2013, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer "Jo's Roses" Pacesetters! Our 5th year together - $20,000.00 raised since we began in 2009.

Team 2012 - Pacesetters - Jo's Roses - "Lord Make of Us Your People a Sign of Your Presence and Work." Our Motto

Team 2011 = Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Pacesetters Again!!!


Congratulations to Team 2010 for their Pacesetter attainment for the second year in a row. Pacesetters must raise at least $2,500.00 for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. Team total for 2010 is 3,078.00.

Pacesetters must raise at least $2,500.00 for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event.

Team total for 2009, $4,820.00

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Utica 2009

First of all I want to thank God, my family, my church family and all my neighbors and friends for watching over me with your love, kindness, thoughtfullness and prayers. I can never thank you enough for helping me stay strong in my faith. May God bless us all always.

Welcome to my Breast Cancer Awareness page. If you would like to visit my personal blog about my battle against breast cancer, please GOOGLE the American Cancer Society Page "2009 Making Strides of Utica NY". On the home page that comes up, click on my name, Jo Ellen Maring which will appear on the right. I love this pictuce up above! This is most of my wonderful, amazing 2009 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Team. On Sunday, Oct. 18th, 4,000 people gathered to walk, raising $215,000.00 I can never thank my team enough for walking with me and raising funds, but also loving me as much as they do, as well as supporting me and praying for me. Don't they look great? How about those men in pink? It's true! Real men wear pink! That's me in the middle of the front row. I'll be posting more photos of the event since 10 team members were missing from this photo. Some couldn't make it and others came a little late, but I want to include everyone who helped in any way! I love you guys - you are the best!

Making Strides is the fund raising arm for breast cancer associated with the American Cancer Society. I have done breast cancer walks for years and have held quilt raffles also to raise funds. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 10th 2009, several days before my birthday. I never thought it would happen to me. I have had a mastectomy and my current diagnosis is Stage 3, HER 2 nue positive. My situation is very serious and statistically speaking I have a 50% chance of surviving 5 years. However, not considering myself a statistic, I will do everything that I can to survive and live the best life I can with whatever time I have left. I love life with a passion and I love so many people. I also have the best team of doctors in the world and family, friends, and a community that loves and supports me. I also want to say that I love the American Cancer Society. Within 3 days of my diagnosis, I received all sorts of free books and support service information about everything I could possible want or need to help me battle my breast cancer. It was totally amazing! They are the best!!!!

I also love the people at Slocum Dickson Medical Group, New Hartford,NY where I have had all my tests done, and especially the Slocum Dickson Breast Care Center. I still love the mug you guys gave me. ! Remember that conversation? Thank you Dr. James Cesare for diagnosing me and helping to save my life and a million other things too numerous to mention, and Debbie Paye for your kindness and compassion. I love you guys!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Butala for being my oncologist and helping me find the best plan of action with my chemo.Thank you Dr. Chris Max for doing my surgery and you wonderful, compassionate, consistant follow up care. Both doctors are affiliated with Faxton St. Luke's at the Regional Cancer Center in Utica.

In October of 2009, I did the breast cancer walk with a team of loving, supportive friends and family and we raised $4,820.00 for breast cancer research. The current chemo medication I will be getting hasn't even been around very long, and will give me a good shot at recovery. But where would I have been if I needed this drug a few years back and couldn't get it? Please, if you ever have the chance to go to a Making Strides event, please do. The reason I have as much hope as I do is because of all the survivors I have met over the years. They all wear their survivor shirts at the Making Strides walks and it's so beautiful to see. If you can't get there, please consider making a donation to an individual or team. Just Google Making Strides, click on Making Strides Home Page, click on the USA map of any state, click on any of the events in your state and take it from there.

I will be making strides every year from now on with my team and I hope you will help the American Cancer Society in any way you can also. Thank you and God bless.









Utica, NY 2009 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

In another ironic twist of fate, several days after our cancer walk, Nancy, in the above photo (on the left in the pink scarf) learned she probably had breast cancer. It was confirmed on Thursday Nov. 12th '09 that she has HER 2 nue, the same as me. This is so hard because her son will be marrying my daughter in July '10. Our families have really fallen in love with eachother and I can hardly believe this is happening. Now these kids, (Melissa and Scott) who deserve nothing but happiness, have two mothers with breast cancer, while we are all trying to get ready for their wedding. Scott has already lost his Dad to cancer. Nancy has lost her husband to cancer, and her mother and sister to breast cancer. My sister, Nan is presently battling cancer. I lost my grandmother to brain cancer and grandfather to lung cancer. Please pray for all of us.

Melissa and Scott in the above photo - to be married July '10 - our "shining stars" who keep smiling despite it all. God bless them. Thank you kids for all you amazing support and compassion!!!


Here I am with my Irish twin sister, Nan who came to visit me from New Hampshire 2 weeks after the walk. She couldn't make it sooner due to the fact she is currently being treated for cancer herself. I love you sis! I miss you already. Keep fighting the fight!!!

My sister Mary Beth, diagnosed with thyroid cancer, surgery to remove thyroid, Feb. 2011.

Jan. 1st, 2010 64 more weekly chemos to go and counting, radiation, another mastectomy....

Do as much as you can, the best that you can, for as long as you can.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of a day saying..."I will try again tomorrow."

Be kinder than necessary. It's so important to be kind because everyone you know is fighting some sort of battle.

"I don't give up when I'm tired. I don't give up when I'm in pain. I try and fight through everything." Wounded warrior Brendan Morocco